Vadivuku Valaigappu

Both K.Somu and A.P. Nagarajan made their debut in M.A.V. Pictures MANGALYAM IN 1954, K.Somu as the Director and A.P. Nagarajan as the Hero and Story and Dialogue writer. Later on A.P. Nagarajan stopped acting and started producing films along with story and dialogue writing with the great character artist V.K. Ramaswamy under the banner of Sri Lakshmi Lakshmi Pictures. He wrote the story and dialogue for all the films he produced, starting from Makkalai Pertra Maharasi to Vadivukku Valaigappu. K. Somu was the director for all these films.

Trained by the American and Indian Directors like Ellis R. Dunkan and William Berk, Acharya and R.S. Mani, K. Somu had a style of his own incorporating the working styles of his mentors. A.P. Nagarajan was a keen observor and learner. In the absence of the director due to health reasons during the making of "Sampoorna Ramayanam" APN used to perform the director's work instead of Director K.Somu's assistant Sampath Kumar.

K. Somu was thankful to his friend APN for sharing his responsibility and acknowledged it in the souvenir brought out to celebrate the realease of Sampoorna Ramayanam. APN's desire and ambition was to direct films. Seeing the fervent wish of his good old friend, K. Somu who was directing Vadivukku Valaikappu and Kulamagal Radhai, both staring Sivaji Ganesan, produced by Sri Lakshmi Picture and Spider Films respectively with A.P. Nagarajan's story and dialogue. In the promos too K. Somu was slated as the Director.

Director K. Somu, known for his magnanimity and valuing friendship told his dear friend A.P. Nagarajan, that he could remove his name from the credits of the films and add to his own name along with that of story and dialogue, direction too. He was very sure that A.P. Nagarajan would become a very successful director. Navarathiri was the first film APN directed entirely on his own. The rest is history.

Later on, when the films for which A.P. Nagarajan was the story and dialogue writer, were released, the advertisements gave the credits for direction to A.P. Nagarajan himself. Many brought this to the notice of the director of these films, K. Somu. But he was calm and composed and took it as a marketing strategy and was very happy for the roaring success of his friend A.P. Nagarajan, as the director also.