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Film Director K. Somu

In the annals of Indian Cinema and Thamizh Cinema, Director K. Somu holds a unique pride of place. He is the only director to have worked under two American Directors, Ellis R. Dungan and William A. Berke. This opportunity arose when he was working as an assistant director to the indomitable, the most influential "Boss" of South Indian Cinema, Director T.R. Sundaram,a Leeds graduate( U.K.) and the owner of Modern Theatres at Salem, Thamizhnadu. He produced nearly one hundred films in all the South Indian languages apart from English and Sinhalese without seeking any financial help from any source.

Later on director K.Somu was to reveal that he cherished most the five year stint he had as an assistant director from 1948 to 1953 as a very good beginning to his professional career. Most remarkable among them were the two films, MANTHIRI KUMARI directed by Ellis R. Dungan in Thamizh and JUNGLE in English, directed by William A. Berke.

K. Somu was the assistant director for both the films and his name also appeared in the films' title cards. They appreciated his interest, diligence, dedication, talent and sincerity in his work. Director Ellis R. Duncan invited Somu to go with him as his assistant to USA in 1950 and William Burke invited him to go with him to USA in 1952.


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